Finding Actors

I’m lucky to be in Chicago and trying to make comedy videos. We have the Second CityIO, The AnnoyanceUnder the Gun, and many, many more. If you’re not in (arguably) the mecca of comedy, don’t worry.

Here’s some ideas.

  • – to me it sounds like a porn site where some girl named Mandy rubs corn cobs on her elbows for $50, but it’s actually a great site to post for actors and crew. You’re allowed one casting post a month for free. Most actors have headshots and resumes they will send you. The site also allows you to say what type of budget it is. So there no awkward…”um I can’t pay you” moments in person.
  • Actors Access – I find their site a little hard to navigate, but after clicking around their labyrinth of doom, you can post castings for free.
  • Facebook – Do some social media-ing
  • Colleges – With the unsustainable education bubble the US is in, I can almost guarantee you’re close to a college of some kind, whether it’s a major university or a community college. They more than likely have some acting classes. Just contact them to see if they’d pass along your info.
  • Craigslist – It’s hit or miss
  • Local Community Theaters – Email the local community theaters and ask if they’d pass along your info about the project and what you’re looking for. Artists like helping other artists .

Now the cynics are thinking. Well Mr. Blogger, that’s great, but where do I find GOOD actors.

Go back to rule number one: Make do with what you have.

Let’s face it, you’re probably not the best director at this point either. It’s a learning experience for everyone. Make do with what you have. Don’t make an excuse you can’t find actors. They’re there.