Introductions – aka Who the Hell Are You and Why Should I Listen to You?

Welcome to Baking Betty’s, the blog about producing the indie comedy pilot “Betty’s.” I’m Scott Anton Smith and I’m one of the producers.

Around six months ago I shot my own pilot called “*itch.” It was my first major film project and at the time. I thought about doing a blog, but thought I had enough to worry about between writing, producing and directing a 22 minute pilot. I thought I could always do a “making of” blog later.

This is later.

I’m writing this as for karma points. I’ve read a lot of things about writing screenplays, but noticed a real lack of anyone posting about making comedy shorts and films on next to no budget. I know when I started I had almost no idea where to begin, so hopefully this blog can answer some questions. I won’t pretend to have all the answers, but hopefully through this process you can learn from our successes of making Betty’s and our mistakes (though hopefully there’s more successes than mistakes).